Intellectual branding
The future is that will happen in a second. Even today, we project the brands, which will work for your image tomorrow.
Impressive corporate identity and smart design
We create the meanings and pack them in the images. We create visual competitive positions for companies and people who know the worth of them.
We make sites solved business problems.
The design is projecting that why we pay a lot of attention to develop usable sites and modern web interfaces.

Complex branding. The corporate identity and website development.

Stilistica – Branding agency

For more than 10 years, we build the advantages for companies creating dynamic brands and smart design.

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We're in trends of 2014.
according to the publication LOGOLOUNGE
0 Silver 2012 Fakestival in nomination of "Identity"
1 We are in global trends according to the publication Logolounge 2014
2 A short list of the national festival "Idea" 2014 as “Brand design”
3 Medal of International Design Network BEHANCE in nomination of "Branding"
4 The Foundation Award “Trust” as “Best social Internet project 2013”.
5 Medal of International Design Network BEHANCE in nomination of "Industrial design"
6 A short list of the Fakestival 2013 as "Product design"
7 Nominated for the award World design Impact Prize 2013-1014 as Industrial design.
8 Medal of International Design Network BEHANCE in nomination of "Web-design"

Branding and brand strategy

Brand platforms and maps of strategy aglile marketing. The quality researching of brand audiences, develop a platform, trends map and uniquely brand positioning in a competitive segment.

The managing brands in a rapidly changing environment.

Naming. Name development

Development companies names, brands and products. We take note of the phonetic spelling of the names and their characters; we also look at their future place in a competitive environment and prepare the base for next unique visual positioning.

Logos and corporate identity

We develop clever logos and an impressive corporate identity. We create meanings, images and impressions. We create the competitive positions and a unique design code for your brand.

Our works are in global trends and are published in leading specialized journals

Designing and developing websites

Website development from design phase to turnkey delivery. Our principle approach to website development — projection, smart design and attention to details achieving business goals in the digital environment.