Creating a logo and corporate identity Glavprom expertiza

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Tasks project

The main aim of the rebranding was a new innovative approach to corporate identity is different from the current visual in this segment of stagnation.

Identity project

Identity inspiration

Start of any work to create brand — a search for the foundations of his legend.

  • The many facets of industrial production processes
  • The standardization of the manufacturing process. The order.
  • The basic concept of labor. Stone work. Faceting. Imparting finished form.
  • Traditions standards Soviet times. Discipline.
  • New methods for standardization of jobs, work with the personnel, certification...

Visualization brand

Concept was chosen for the visual image trade mark, which can be easily transformed, it has a plastic and colorful form. A concept that includes all basic legend association.

The visual concept of the sign - an excellent basis for the brand patterns that are used to design branded items, and corporate environments.

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