Territorial brand and logo transforming of the Samara city

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The idea which would unite all aspectsof life of the modern cultural and industrial center of the Volgaregion was necessary for a territorial brand of Samara.

Simple sign would be insufficiently. The symbol - easily being transformed under different spheres of life of the city was necessary.

Legend of the territorial brand

Freedom — Progress — Those born to fly = Vings over Volga.

In Samara, much all. Most beautiful girls, and all the girls coming to Samara immediately become beautiful :). Strong industry, rocket and technical center, aircraft, its football team «Krylya Sovetov» student and rich theatrical tradition, youth, and the main monument — Glory Monument. All this suggests that in Samara can be no other symbol except the «Wings». «Wings over Volga».

And it means, what the sign must be easily be transformed, symbolizing diversity Samara city.

Create Wings

The main sign of the brand-transformer

Sign colors symbolize the sky, the Volga, the river promenade and the beach & mdash; pride of Samara, as well as a green city.

Font style "Samara"

Collection transformer brand marks "Vings over Volga"

The sign, as well as the city, is constantly changing keeping its unique shape.

The real environment and the mood

Urban clusters Samara

The multi-faceted life of a modern city finds reflection in the line transformer sign, representing the most popular destinations.

Youth cluster, musical direction and entertainment sector

Theatre and art cluster

Real environment of brand

Transformable sign wings offers great opportunities for branding a real environment.

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