RUnifor. Conception of single-section traffic lights

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New principles of traffic management

The only one universal panel for traffic regulation and reversible lanes. Conception of single-section traffic lights “RUnifor”.

Awards and nominations

On special invitation the project it has been nominated for an international award in the field of industrial design World Design Impact Prize 2013-2014

The project entered the gallery of selected works Industrial Design Served international design Network Behance: RUnifor на Behance


Conception of single-section traffic lights based on multi-purpose panel RUnifor.

The only one panel to control main and reversible traffic.

One signal is bigger and more noticeable.

Clear mnemonics of signals. The circle means go, the square means stop.

The new concept of the signals and the use of a universal panel RUnifor allow getting driver's license colorblind peoples, and feel confident behind the wheel.

Comparison with classical traffic lights

Basic signals

The basic signaling scheme of RUnifor.

All signals of RUnifor panel

The control of reverse traffic

The versatility of the device - in its use for traffic control by reversing lanes

Example of operation in a real environment

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