Developing turnkey websites

We develop modern websites. They can be used to promote you brand or manage your distribution channels. They also can develop and sustain company HR-brand or work to keep customer loyalty and build post purchase relationship.

Your goals and objective is the core that defines our website development process.

Web design from Stilistica – is a constructing.

It takes several main steps to develop a website.

We have over 10 years of experience in website development.

Visual Information Architecture
and Website Services Map

At the the first stage of site development process all project team members need to be aware of the project scope, its majour data categories and main services.

Visual representation is the best way to define and put together all these. So we develop a visual information maps of the future site after the preliminary brief reviewing and discussing.

is simple and clear
Easy interaction within the project team
Easy interaction
within the project
Визуальное ранжирование информации
is ranked visually
Vladimir Khramov

Vladimir Khramov

CEO, art-director

We formulate project charter ourselves so you can already start writing and compiling content of the future site after the final of the very first stage.

Frameworks Wireframes

Frameworks aren't the fulfilled website design yet, but they still let you see which data and services its pages contain and the way the information is arranged. We use information architecture and website service map built at the first stage as the base of these prototypes.

We also demonstrate interactive modules, interface elements and services scenarios of use.

 Visually represented data capacity
Visually represented
data capacity
Intuitive user-friendly interface
Intuitive user-friendly

Webpages, Interface Elements
and Crossbrausing Layouts Design

During this stage we settle and approve the basic palette of the website in general and all interface details such as menu, icons, webpages visuals. It's determined by the chosen design of the main page.

We adjusting and modifying prototypes of the rest of the webpages and load content.

Design that follows the world's current trends
Design that follows
the world's
current trends
Creating adaptive layouts which are fully functional on tablets, smartphones and in full HD
Creating adaptive layouts

Then we slice final prototypes and create a cross-browser layouts that provides consistent experience to every user. We take care of every detail and create fine interface animation.

We attain to create adaptive layouts which are fully functional and looks exactly the same on tablets that run Android and iOS.

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